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Connecticut's Maharishi Vedic Prevention Center will soon be built in accordance with the prinicples of Vedic architecture (vastu vidya). It will offer all of the technologies of Consciousness-Based Health Care® and Maharishi Vedic Medicine® to prevent disease, promote perfect health, and develop the full potential of every individual. For a panorama of the benefits of these programs please visit our 'Big Picture' page.

Architectural Rendering of Building

The Value of Prevention

Recently published research indicates that the Maharishi Vedic Prevention Programs are particularly effective in creating cardiovascular health and happiness for people of all ages. Studies of data from health insurance companies and government health services indicate that participants show reduced need for medical care (up to eighty-seven percent for cardiovascular disease). Another study, published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, showed that program participants had the biological age five to fifteen years younger than the average American. Other published, peer-reviewed research indicates that these benefits radiate to create a more peaceful society and world. Prevention-oriented health care can save untold suffering and expense in the individual and society at large. For much more about scientific research, please visit our Research page.


According to Marc Edwards, M.D., "Western Medicine has evolved miraculous interventions for the treatment of many acute life-threatening diseases, but provides us with only rudimentary concepts of Health and how to achieve it. Vedic Medicine is the authentic 'owner's manual' for the human body, which Maharishi has illuminated for us."


The old saying, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," has never been any more true than it is today. Waiting until disease arises before showing concern for one's health can result in unnecessary suffering, not only from the disease itself, but also from the side effects and complications of modern medical treatment and drugs. More about medical hazards


Consciousness-Based Health Care has been shown not only to reduce hospital admissions and the need for medical intervention, but also to create greater happiness, increase self-actualization, reduce anxiety, improve personal and business relationships, and create a better quality of life for everyone. We invite you to discover the exciting principles illuminated in this site and its references, share in assisting with the establishment of this center, and participate in its programs. We wish you perfect health.

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