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Planning Committee

  • Richard and Gail Dalby, Project Directors
  • Bernie Nevas, Governor, Peace Government of Connecticut
  • Terry Nevas, Chairperson, Charitable Gift Program
  • Kathleen Connor, Chairperson, TM Program, Greenwich CT

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Construction of the Maharishi Vedic Prevention Center

The Maharishi Vedic Prevention Center will be built according to the principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda® design — the world's most ancient system of architecture, and the only system of architecture that has its basis in the most fundamental and concentrated field of Nature's intelligence.

Maharishi Sthapatya Veda design provides the universal rules and principles-precise mathematical formulas, equations, and proportions-to design homes and offices, communities and cities, to bring the beneficial influence of all the laws of nature to human life. Maharishi Sthapatya Veda architecture stipulates that the entrance to the home should face east, because the energy from the sun is greatest and most vital when rising, thus bringing greatest benefits to the health and vitality of the family.

Proposed Building: Perspective; Architectural Rendering.

Peace Palace architectural rendering perspective view.

Orientation Affects Human Brain Functioning

Scientific studies show that the neurons in our brain actually fire differently depending on what direction we are facing. There are also "place neurons" in the brain that signal our body's orientation in a room or environment. Thus, the way we face influences brain and body functioning.

The ancient knowledge of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda architecture goes much further. It describes how our spatial orientation influences our minds and bodies. When we live or work in buildings with improper orientation or proportion, the firing patterns of the neurons are reset in the wrong way. This can contribute to anxiety, illness, lack of creativity, failure in family and professional life, anti-social behavior, even criminal tendencies.

In particular, Maharishi Sthapatya Veda architecture clearly states that our brain functions optimally when our house is oriented toward the east, the direction of the morning sun.

Proposed Building: Eastern Elevation; Architectural Rendering.

Peace Palace architectural rendering east view.

Orientation of Buildings

Buildings that face any direction other than due east or due north allow negative influences to affect the owner and inhabitants. These hazards of architecture arise from violation of Natural Law. They are further aggravated by similar effects from inauspicious qualities of the site, caused by the direction of its slope, its shape, environment, placement of bodies of water (ponds, rivers, lakes) in and around the site and by many other factors, including inauspicious entrances to the village or city and distorted layout of roads.

These violations of Natural Law accumulate day by day, year by year, in the lives of millions of people. They create social stress, which overshadows the fortunes of entire cities or nations. For perfect health and good fortune, we should do everything we can to align ourselves with Natural Law.

Proposed Building: Northern Elevation; Architectural Rendering.

Peace Palace architectural rendering north view.

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For more information on Maharishi Sthapatya Veda® design
please visit the Maharishi Global Construction website.

Contact Information

Donations and Other Financial Matters
Global Country of World Peace
Richard Dalby, Peace Palace Director
18 Sixth Avenue
Branford, CT 06405

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