The Healthy Heart and Prevention programs and offerings include:

  • Continuing Medical Education Courses (CME credit) on Stress and Cardiovascular Disease for physicians [new browser window]
  • State of CT approved Continuing Education (CEU) Stress Management Courses for Public School Teachers and Administrators
  • Transcendental Meditation program course (and its advanced techniques)
  • Weekend and weeklong in-residence programs to reduce stress and develop the full potential of the individual.
  • Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health® consultations with Medical Doctors specially trained in the Vedic Approach to Health.
  • Vedic Sound therapy programs that enliven the inner intelligence of the body and promote the body's own healing response
  • The TM-Sidhi program to optimize brain functioning and promote mind-body coordination
  • Health Education Courses in Diet, Digestion and Nutrition
  • Health Education Courses in neuro-physiological and neuro-respiratory integration programs including Vedic exercise and yoga programs
  • Day-Spa stress reduction and well-being programs
  • A book and herb store dedicated to natural and preventative medicine

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