The Big Picture

Or, why is the Maharishi Vedic Prevention Center
referred to as a "Peace Palace" Project?

Currently throughout the country, and indeed throughout the world, "Peace Palaces" are being planned and built to create peace—peace of mind, peace in the functioning of the body, and peace in the community and world at large.

Research shows that the programs offered at the Maharishi Vedic Prevention Center create peace. Whether measured as reduced anxiety, increased self-actualization, reduced post-traumatic stress disorder, reduced hypertension, reduced atherosclerosis, reduced hospital admissions, younger biological age, increased job satisfaction, improved relationships, or reduced crime and global tension, the programs we offer create a more peaceful and balanced individual as the basis for a more peaceful world.

While specializing in natural, non-invasive methods to create health and prevent disease, the benefits of the programs of the Maharishi Vedic Prevention Center extend beyond the bodies of those participating in them. Fifty scientific studies indicate that the inner balance enjoyed by program participants radiates to create more balance in society. One of these studies, published in the International Journal of Conflict Resolution, edited at Yale University, indicated that, even in a war torn area, when a critical number of people participated in these programs, the quality of life of the whole area was improved significantly.

The inner intelligence of the body knows what an ideal body should be. This inner intelligence is the basis of the healing of a cut, or a broken bone, the refreshment that comes from a good nights sleep, or of the immune system flushing out intruding organisms. Balance is the body's most profound quality and tendency. Unfortunately, current systems of education, health care, economy, and patterns of daily living do not provide the opportunity for this inner intelligence to express itself fully. The result is stress and strain and problems in all areas of life.

The scientifically validated programs of the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health provide technologies that enliven the inner intelligence of the body, release stress, create balance, and develop the full potential of consciousness. This results in the development of mental potential, the promotion of ideal health, and improvements in social behavior and quality of life in the community.

Peaceful Mind • Peaceful Heart • Peaceful World

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